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Re: [K12OSN] clients can not 'see' past the k12ltsp server?

Don Logsdon wrote:
From: "Gary Frederick" <gary frederick jsoft com>

I can not get a client to 'see' past the k12ltsp server.

I was working with iptables and something went wrong. The client gets
connection refused messages for everything but the server now.

My setup is

systems outside     k12ltsp server         client (roo) (eeore) (kanga) (tiggr)

eeyore is a k12ltsp server V3.1.0
kanga is a k12ltsp workstation V3.1.1 (RH 9.0)

roo is Win XP and kanga is RH 8.0

I installed the latest k12ltsp on kanga. Everything worked.

I poked around with iptables on eeyore. NowfFrom kanga I can ping both
IPs on eeyore. I can not ping roo or tiggr.

What do I do to debug/fix?



The FIRST thing to do is to issue a

service iptables stop

command then see if you can ping everybody properly ....
May as well be sure the problem is where you think it is

I had tried that and there was no difference between the ping before and the ping after stopping iptables.

It 'feels' like traffic from a client is not being passed on from the k12ltsp server. I tried the traceroute command but did not get any useful (to me) info.



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