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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Change default WM

Now that you know the answers to your questions, from Eric's and Jim's replies, how about adding some of these details to the wiki page on the Display Manager (hint, hint), as I think this is probably something that comes up a lot for people who are new to ltsp.


Jim Christiansen wrote:
Hi David,

In /etc/sysconfig/desktop, set DISPLAYMANGER="GNOME' or ...="KDE"

In /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/ ypu can remove the shell scripts or as another list contributor wrote, and I did for sometime while experimenting, set the perms to 000 for the one you don't want listed. You can alos link Default to the WM of your choice.

<snip> The last version I used had KDM as the primary login environment....3.01. Now it's back to GDM...right? How do I do the following....

Change back to KDM if I want to

If I stay with GDM....how do I remove session choices...(I only want IceWM
and Reset Desktop...available)

And...how do I set IceWM or any other for that matter as the default

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Vassalboro Community School
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