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Re: [K12OSN] SIS 651 Xserver [solved]

Glad you solved it. I ran into this same problem a few months back, but I couldn't remember what I did to fix it. Could you do the world (and I do mean the world) a favor and write down what your problem was and how you solved it and post it in the wiki? As JAM's manual points out, most problems that people have with getting lstp off the ground have to do with X, and so I figure every scrap of info about dealing with X-related problems would be helpful, if people can find it.


robert wrote:
SOLVED IT.. I had forgotten to add the client in to the /etc/dhcpd.conf file and lock the
MAC address to the IP...

lts.conf settings

DRIVER  = sis

Having a problem with the above video card. I am getting a "No screens
message and the flashing terminal.
I have tried adding the "DRIVER = SIS" in lts.conf to no avail. I am not familiar with X windows and would appreciate any help offered.
It is booting up getting an IP. I can see in the logs that it appears to
everting it needs except the video.
Do you have to "activate" the lts.conf file after you have changed it? If so
I have also been to xfree.org and looked up the card it seems that it is
supported in the latest release of XWindows. I am using the latest and
Bit Stuck....

Robert Slater

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