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Re: [K12OSN] Access to K12LTSP remotely

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your advice.

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 08:32, Brad Mills wrote:
> - snip -
>  Likely the best for this situation would be using, say, no-ip.com. Essentially 
> puts a bug in a machine on the lan, and it will pulse no-ip at whatever 
> interval you select. When away from the home lan, you'd log in at no-ip, get 
> the IP of the bug, and SSH into it. I played with Tight VNC over SSH and a pair 
> of dial-up connections. Worked a treat ;) 

Noted with thanks

> > 2) Can thin client be used as workstation? (with broadband or 56K modem
> > connection)
>  Yes, that's what LTSP is all about, using a thin client as a workstation. At 
> the moment, we've only done up a server on it's lan, 2 clients. Therese connect 
> via 2nd NIC to main lan hub, then routes thru firewall to internet. Pretty neat 
> stuff, so far.
>  I think perhaps you're wondering about a thin client at a *remote* location? 
> That's potentially available, but as a minimum you'd have to have a server at 
> the remote location ... in this case, it might be as well to use a SSH tunnel, 
> between say, your laptop, and the home lan server.

Should I understand your advice correctly.  The *remote* thin client
needs a server at *remote* location to connect to the K12LTSP via the
server.  What will be the basic requirement of the server, both hardware
and software

To make thing more clear I put up following examples

1) A student only has a Win machine at home which can be connected to
Internet via broadband or 56K modem


2) A student only has a thin client (diskless workstation) at home

How can they connect K12LTSP at school?  What additional software and/or
hardware they need to add?

Thanks in advance.


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