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Re: [K12OSN] Access to K12LTSP remotely


> Thanks for your advice.

 Hope it's useful; much good info on this list, indeed. I am a newbie -
> 1) A student only has a Win machine at home which can be connected to
> Internet via broadband or 56K modem

 Ok, now he'll need some server to dial into, correct? I'm certain there's a method 
to dialin + login remotely to your LTSP, but securely? I don't know. Now more than 1 
student needs access ... more modems? More phone line$?
 Else, his ISP --> www --> server that can allow an SSH session ... as stated in a 
different post, tight VNC can do this over SSH, but it will be slow. Now you must 
examine the ability of the student to use a CLI terminal ... bandwidth, all sorts of 
factors come into play. I truly do not know a method to do this efficiently and 
securely, using a 56k. I have a foggy idea this would be great using 'Ice" WM, but 
watching other threads seems to be a bit difficult to get the efficient and secure 
factors lined up. Perhaps a server could be set up on a DMZ whereas a student could 
download and upload files would work, provided that server has enough 'pipe' to 
handle multiple requests.

> 2) A student only has a thin client (diskless workstation) at home

 OK, he boots ... where does he get connected to the LTSP, as the floppy will seek a 
DHCP. Again, a SSH remote session would seem logical, but (as I understand it) a 
thin client won't be able to do this. I wonder (aloud) if using, say, (thin client 
w/128 Megs RAM) Knoppix live file system on a bootable CD would be a reasonable 
method, as the student would have a GUI to work with, but now remotely, securely, 
efficiently accessing again comes into play. And again, we're back to 'reasonably' 
efficient and secure.
 I am listening as well, trying to see what all is involved with securing X across 
the 'net, and so forthe ... hopefully we'll learn together.

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