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RE: [K12OSN] NIS - Still...


	Sorry to not respond sooner. I hae been away for several days with the

	Check ou the command of ypwhich.  I think that ypwhich will tell you from
the client which server that it is getting the nis maps from.  It should be
your nis server.   I think "ypwhich -k" will help.  Check out the man pages.
For some reason I think that your setup between server and client is not
correct.  Debugging through email is not fun, plus it has been a long time
since I have had to think about this.  I will be doing it soon enough
myself, but I need to get other things working first.

	I'll keep thinking about this and let you know if I can think of anything

Sorry that I couldn't be of better help.


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Hi everyone,

I have been puzzling since the explanation that Daniel Button set me
(Thanks, Daniel.  I understand more now :-)  ).  After rebooting my
apparently working NIS server and client, everything seemed to work on the
client.  A new user, added to the server, was able to log onto a client.
All of the root rpc info troubleshooting and ypcat stuff came back positve,
but only root using yppasswd,on the client can change passwords for other
nis users.  Common users can not change their own passwords using yppasswd.

The client responds with:

[I have no name! lib00 test3]$ yppasswd
yppasswd: can't find the master ypserver: Internal NIS error

So, I'm baffled.

The "internal nis error" must be something on the client, I suspect.

Thanks for any idea everyone,


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