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Re: [K12OSN] Access to K12LTSP remotely

Hi Brad,

On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 06:32, Brad Mills wrote:
> - snip -
> > 1) A student only has a Win machine at home which can be connected to
> > Internet via broadband or 56K modem
>  Ok, now he'll need some server to dial into, correct? I'm certain there's a method 
> to dialin + login remotely to your LTSP, but securely? I don't know. Now more than 1 
> student needs access ... more modems? More phone line$?

I got your point.  It is not practical to have hundred hunting lines and
modems serving students who don't have broadband.  But in fact there are
students only running 56K modem.  Maybe this is not an easy problem to
>  Else, his ISP --> www --> server that can allow an SSH session ... as stated in a 
> different post, tight VNC can do this over SSH, but it will be slow. Now you must 
> examine the ability of the student to use a CLI terminal ... bandwidth, all sorts of 
> factors come into play. I truly do not know a method to do this efficiently and 
> securely, using a 56k.

Most students don't like Command Line Interface (CLI), preferring
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

- snip -
> > 2) A student only has a thin client (diskless workstation) at home
>  OK, he boots ... where does he get connected to the LTSP, as the floppy will seek a 
> DHCP. Again, a SSH remote session would seem logical, but (as I understand it) a 
> thin client won't be able to do this. I wonder (aloud) if using, say, (thin client 
> w/128 Megs RAM) Knoppix live file system on a bootable CD would be a reasonable 
> method, as the student would have a GUI to work with, but now remotely, securely, 
> efficiently accessing again comes into play. And again, we're back to 'reasonably' 
> efficient and secure.

Knoppix can do the job booting the PC but it is not feasible to do a lot
of work before a student can connect K12LTSP.  Otherwise remastering
Knoppix becomes necessary.

Let us listening to other suggestions from this thread.


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