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Re: [K12OSN] SSH, X, W98, and putty

if you are wanting to run *nix apps remotely on win98 box, i do this
daily, to connect to my home network from my job. i take care of
100 web servers, and from my desk at work, we are (amazingly enough) not
allowed to even ping or traceroute on the Windows 98 machines... 

the ability to use nmap and nessus is almost an unfair advantage over my
co-workers. i feel like i am waving a cigarette lighter to the savages,

i set this up about a year ago, after much gnashing of teeth...

i am not really forwarding an X session, i'm using x0rfbserver on a
Mandrake 9.1 box and VNC to tunnel through ssh (using win98 and putty for
SSH client). 

first, get putty/ssh working. in my particular case, i had to juggle ports
away from the default 22 to dodge a firewall. for my job, this is heaven
right there, being able to use basic network tools. 

second, get x0rfbserver (or some sort of VNC server) running on the linux
box, and able to connect to it either on localhost or another machine on
the network to make sure it's working. for windows client, i use tightvnc. 

third, get it tunneled through SSH. you will have to make sure that ports
5900 on the linux box are accessable from outside the network. on my putty
options, under SSH i have enable compression checked. under Tunnels the 'X
display location' is set for localhost:0

below that, you will have to foward ports (still on the putty client). on
source port, put 5900, and destination the machine's IP you want to
control, and :5900 and hit the Add button. you will see in the field L5900  (it adds the L).  save this session.

now, while you have this SSH session connected, you can use TightVNC on
the windows machine. when prompted for VNC server, enter localhost:0 you
should be prompted for the x0rfbserver password, then you should have a
tunnelled, encrypted GUI session on your Linux box running on windows
through SSH. your putty/SSH session needs to always be up at this time;
the changes you made let it function normally.

play with the options, it can be slow, but it can be usable.

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