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[K12OSN] Use of Vernier Lab Pro on LTS local serial ports?

I am helping my wife set up a new science lab in her first teaching job (Chatham Co., NC). The K12LTSP and the archives of this list have been a great resource to get me started. I have scrounged some PCs and set up a test lab using K12LTSP 3.1.1. I have also downloaded the Linux tools from Vernier and am in the process of installing and testing them.

What is not obvious to me, is whether I can easily get the Vernier Lab Pro interfaces running from the serial ports of the terminals. A scan of the archives suggests that getting access to local serial ports is not currently supported except for printers. Presumably I could do this by providing local access to applications but that defeats the purpose to some extent of using a LTS in the first place.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this problem? I am not afraid of a little code to get this done but the beginning of the school year is approaching rapidly.


Douglas C Wilson
Director, Discovery IT Business Support

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