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Re: [K12OSN] Scantron-like OS software

Well, you could have a space where they bubble in a code. Then you could print one sheet and just make copies. (That's one of the real advantages. Those little scantron sheets are expensive...)


On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 05:37 AM, Steve Wright wrote:

Todd O'Bryan wrote:

An image diff... that's a neat idea, and one I hadn't really thought a lot about....

I was figuring that you'd have some kind of marks in the margin to guide the algorithm and then look for big blobs of darkness and figure out where the blob is relative to the two marks.

I had a cursory play with pnmdiff. It seems quite useless for our task, but that was only a 5 minute fiddle.

It would seem to me ;

Design your question-sheet, and print one for each student, complete with their name, and whatever other info is needed. Perhaps print a little barcode, or some easily machine-readable thingy on the sheet also.

Scan one a couple of times so you can get a good image to 'diff' from.

The student marks their multi-guess options with a marker pen or somesuch.

Biff the bunch of completed forms into the scanner-feeder, without care for tidyness or order - just the correct face down.

The scanner scans each sheet, picks up the barcode, ID's the student, and grades the paper - adds record to database - prints/emails > summary.

The biggest headache will making VERY sure you get all those marker pens back - especially of they are nasty fat black ones.. 8-o

heh, stunning ay.. genius, or insanity ??


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