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Re: [K12OSN] Change default WM

The dumb part was me not putting in a link to the wiki page:

Question for the group: On the main wiki page there is a link to a Software section and a Technical section, which, near as I can tell, both cover technical software topics. I find it a bit confusing; any reason the docs under Technical couldn't be moved to Software and the Technical category removed?


Steve Wright wrote:
Brad Mills wrote:


Now that you know the answers to your questions, from Eric's and Jim's replies, how about adding some of these details to the wiki page on the Display Manager (hint, hint), as I think this is probably something that comes up a lot for people who are new to ltsp.

Horribly dumb Q: what is a *wiki* page?

A wiki is a web-site, where anyone can edit a page just using their browser. It ends up being a big community web-based scrapbook. darned useful for a group of people to make lots of notes on. A wiki page is a page someone has made - in that scrapbook, usually covering a specific subject.


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