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RE: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$ School License Agreement

I am not Terribly familiar with the Microsoft education licensing scheme.
However there are a couple of Software areas which need to be addressed for
Microsoft clients/servers.  The first is virus protection, at the client end
and probably on the exchange server as well if possible. The second is
firewall/proxy software for the gateway machine.

You might need to review the CAL requirements as well.

Additional value added issues:
- The time used in managing these assets. (apt-get VS criticalupdate -
service pack - reboot)
- The added advantage to students, parents and teachers that the linux based
software is largely under the GPL license and can there fore be affordably
and legally used in the home environment at a dramatic cost savings.
- Resource availability - Although Windows 2000 server is much more stable
than NT 4.0, Linux still beats it hands down for uptime and availability in
my experience.
- Resource usage - in general, you can run more daemon type services on a
single linux server than on a comparable windows server.  Running
Sendmail/Imap, PostgreSQL, etc on one linux server will be fairly happy,
running Exchange server and MS SQL server on the same machine will use a lot
of horsepower.

I know that non of the above are easy to calculate in terms of dollars and
cents, but they do add value to the Linux side of the equation.

my $0.02


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> Subject: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$ School License
> Agreement
> Hi all,
> I would like to be able to show the Supt & Asst Supt's the cost savings
> we've realized by using linux on all our servers.
> The matrix below is my estimate of the M$ software licenses we would need
> under the school license agreement in order to provide the same
> functionality we have right now.  As I understand it this is an annual
> cost, but I would like to know for certain.
> At the moment we subscribe to rhn at a cost of about $2400/year
> We currently have the following services running on our internal servers:
> ldap
> samba
> netatalk
> dhcp
> smtp
> imap
> nfs
> ntp
> http
> https
> ssh
> ftp
> database (postgreSQL)
> and I'm sure I've left a few out.
> We have 5 locations, consisting of 4 schools and one district
> office.  each
> school has a 2 servers, one providing file and print services, the other
> providing backend services such as dns, dhcp, ldap, smtp, imap, etc.  The
> district has 4 servers, one providing all the aforementioned
> services, one
> providing calendaring via meetingmaker, one as a
> firewall/gateway, and one
> more as the district web server.
> We have about 850 workstations running everything from MacOS
> 7.6.1-9.2.x to
> win95-win2kpro.  Most of these machines have some flavor of M$ Office.
> Here's the matrix I came up with.  Please feel free to make corrections.
> Product                                 Qty     Unit            Extended
> Desktop
> Package                                 850     $48.00          $40,800.00
> (Includes Office, Core CAL & Windows Upgrades)
> SQL ServerTM
> CAL                                850     $5.00           $4,250.00
> Publisher                                       850     $2.00
> $1,700.00
> Exchange Server Enterprise
> Edition              5       $580.00         $2,900.00
> SQL ServerTM Enterprise
> Edition                 6       $4,212.00       $25,272.00
> (1 Processor License)
> Systems Management Server                       1       $51.00
>       $51.00
> Windows® Advanced
> Server                        14      $212.00         $2,968.00
> Estimated Institution
> Total                                             $77,941.00
> Thanks,
> -Jeff
> Jefferson K. Davis
> Technology and Information Systems Manager
> Standard School District
> 1200 North Chester Ave
> Bakersfield, CA  93308
> 661-392-2110 ext 120
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