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Re: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$ School License Agreement

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 03:53:05PM -0300, Paul Davison wrote:
> I am not Terribly familiar with the Microsoft education licensing scheme.
> However there are a couple of Software areas which need to be addressed for
> Microsoft clients/servers.  The first is virus protection, at the client end
> and probably on the exchange server as well if possible. The second is
> firewall/proxy software for the gateway machine.
> You might need to review the CAL requirements as well.
> Additional value added issues:
> - The time used in managing these assets. (apt-get VS criticalupdate -
> service pack - reboot)

Actually an even worst case senario with Windows update is
install update A, reboot, install update B, reboot. The process
of doing the update tends to be quite intensive with pointing
and clicking too.

> - The added advantage to students, parents and teachers that the linux based
> software is largely under the GPL license and can there fore be affordably
> and legally used in the home environment at a dramatic cost savings.

This also means you don't have to count how many copies you are using or
have installed. Which can be quite expensive in terms of people's time.

> - Resource usage - in general, you can run more daemon type services on a
> single linux server than on a comparable windows server.  Running
> Sendmail/Imap, PostgreSQL, etc on one linux server will be fairly happy,
> running Exchange server and MS SQL server on the same machine will use a lot
> of horsepower.

In order to add an additional Windows server you need to pay out money
for both a server licence and some reasonably high spec hardware.

Whereas you can run all sorts of useful services using Linux on
hardware likely to be regarded as "worthless junk".

Mark Evans
St. Peter's CofE High School
Phone: +44 1392 204764 X109
Fax: +44 1392 204763

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