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Re: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$ School LicenseAgreement

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 18:59, Jeff Davis wrote:
> Thanks for all the feedback so far!
> BTW, anyone having any luck convincing your wintel users to try openoffice, 
> esp those that already have M$ Office?

Actually I have been pleasantly surprised to have seen some success in
this regard and it really hasn't been been something driven from the
tech dept either. We have seen some adoption of openoffice seemingly out
of the blue and I think it's driven by two things.

1) Cost
2) Licensing hassles

Some background...

This is a tough year for us budget wise. We are a district of 43 schools
(soon to be 40) plus administration and support buildings. 
All of the buildings are networked (presently with T1's or fractionals).
Total student attendance is just under 17k. Most recent estimates put
the number of desktops well in excess of 5k now. To support that we have
two network people, two server people, two desktop people (first line in
building troubleshooting), and two repair people. I should have said
'had'. We lost a network person which we won't be permitted to replace
and may be loosing a second person from among those I listed.

All of this to say cost is a significant concern. With $$'s as tight as
they are buildings have almost by themselves undertaken getting
openoffice for machines that don't already have M$Office because even
the minimal amount M$ charges edu's for Office adds up.

The other thing I think that has helped the spread of openoffice once it
got started is that buildings have realized that when they add a new
machine and want an office application they can just put it on if they
use openoffice instead of filling out the paperwork to buy the license
and more paperwork to get us out to install it.

The use of OSS has been deliberate with regard to servers and
infrastructure (BTW, has anyone successfully gotten oracle's
collaboration suite to run on normal linux distro's rather than RedHat's
advanced server as it seems to call for?). The OSS application adoption
(OOo) has been a pleasant surprise.

Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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