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Re: [ok-mail] Re: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$School License Agreement

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 18:59, Jeff Davis wrote:
> BTW, anyone having any luck convincing your wintel users to try openoffice,
> esp those that already have M$ Office?
The high school where I work, The University of Detroit Jesuit High
School is dropping Office 97 in favor of OpenOffice starting in
September. OpenOffice will be the only office suite available to faculty
and students. Sadly our staff will be upgraded to Office XP because our
administrative and fund raising software (Blackbaud) requires Office
2000 or Office XP.



The school I volunteer at is going with Open Office this fall. I had them convinced to go with Linux also until Microsoft pushed back and gave them Win 2000 licenses at $15 each. :( Strangely enough they did not bend on office pricing. I guess they do not believe Open Office is a threat. Anyway, my summer is going to be spent trying to make the Win2000 boxes authenticate to a Linux server.

Has anyone used a program called pGina for windows logins (www.xpasystems.com)? I was thinking of using it in conjunction with samba and NIS. I would appreciate any advice or hints if other people have faced this task.


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