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Re: [K12OSN] Off Topic: angled server

On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 12:32, cliebow downeast net wrote:
> Jason..That is why the old heavy duty machines were water cooled or used liquid
> helium. You could tell by looking whether the levels were even on both ends of
> the server..8~)

    Yeah, but I really doubt this makes *that* much difference.

    Back when St-225's were still $600, there were warnings of static
prevention, shock protection, and all kindsa hands-off messages.  But I
had an intermittant (and project-fatal) problem with an ST-225 a little
later.  But I was told, "I can't allow you to replace it unless it stops
working." (The first time through I didn't notice the wink...)

    We disconnected it while running...no problem. We hit it as hard as
we could, during an FSCK (so it was really in use). We finally had to
'kill' the drive by snipping one of the mylar-backed copper lines that
go to the heads.  (!)

   If a drive starts at an angle, there's only a trace of gravity on one
side more than the other...and due to the centrifugal force, I'm not
sure that's even noticed. 

    I was unsure about mounting mobile hard drives until I joined the
'Dash-PC' mailing list.  These guys are mounting them at all angles to
fit into the cars, driving with them in use, and seeing no degradation
of their lifetime.

    Mounting servers at an angle is just kinda...silly...but I really
don't think it'll hurt anything.

    BTW: Do you know how to tell that the Grand Ole Opry stage is built
to-level?  The drool comes out BOTH sides of the banjo-picker's mouth.


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