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[K12OSN] New K12LTSP User

Hello, Folks -

I am a public library network tech, and I recently discovered LTSP, and have been blown away! Great stuff!

I would like to put it to use on our public internet terminals, and I have a few questions.

1) How can I get KDM to auto-relogon like GDM does? You know, after sitting at a login prompt for x amount of seconds, a given user automatically gets logged in. I like how gdm works but I need to have the terminals auto login to different users based on terminal.

2) I have decided that IceWM is what I need. I would like a browser to come up automatically and be full-screen with just a location bar and nav buttons. I can get the browser to automatically open. How can I get it to re-open if it is closed? Which browser is easier to do this with?

Thanks -

Mark Ehle
Willard Public Library
Battle Creek, MI

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