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Re: [ok-mail] Re: [K12OSN] cost savings of Linux relative to M$School License Agreement

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 05:55:43PM -0700, Gustav Kramer wrote:

Hi Gustav!  Please don't top post.  it screws up the flow of the dialog for
people reading after, especially in the archives.

> On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 07:24, Petre Scheie wrote: 
> > Jeff Kinz wrote:
> > > Using the Word-like menu structure to change the default file format:
> > > Tools\Options\Load-Save\General\Standard file format\. Here choose
> > > Document Type: Text Document and Always save as: Microsoft Word
> > > 97/2000/XP.  OOo will warn you that losing some formatting is possible
> > > when using complex OOo features.
> > > 
> > This will work for individual users, but can it be changed system-wide 
> > so each user doesn't have to make this change?

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 05:55:43PM -0700, Gustav Kramer wrote:
> Short answer - For LTSP served thin clients: Yes;  for stand alone
> installations: Dunno! 
> Long answer - When I've installed OO (apart from the K12LTSP
> installation) it has been on stand alone machines running Windows and I
> configured it manually after installation.  That said with the K12LTSP
> installation I changed the default as described below (as root) and for
> all other users (including new ones) the new defaults held.  As far as
> the standalone installations, I suspect there may not be any modified
> packages around but if one could establish exactly which file changes as
> a result of the configuration change it may be possible to swap it out
> for a modified one post installation, an extra step, I know, but perhaps
> not as onerous as opening up OO and drilling down for each application.
> > 

The following script sets up file associations for all the OpenOffice
modes (writer, calc, impress etc..) to use MS-Office style documents
as their standard default.  It set up a large number of file associations
in the MS-way and it does it to the system-wide associations list so
it sets it for all user's in one shot.

This is an excellent way to go for environments which have both MS and


# this script changes the default formats to .doc/.xls/.ppt rather than the
# native OpenOffice.org formats. Yes, that's ugly - but it makes a huge
# difference in the integration of OOo into MS dominate environments.


[ -f $FILE ] || exit

perl -i.ltsp -p -e "

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copyright 2003.  Use is restricted. Any use is an 
acceptance of the offer at http://www.kinz.org/policy.html.
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