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Re: [K12OSN] Ltsp packages

Leonardo Gonçalves de Ulhôa Jr. wrote:

I'd like to build some custom k12ltsp packages . I've already downloaded the srpm packages, but there is a problem: In the spec file, It seems the install.sh script is never called. Is it right? If I want to make a rpm package useful for other distros different from Red Hat, should I call it?

There should be install instructions included with the source, usually in a file called INSTALL

The basic procedure is ;

sudo make install

There is a very useful package called "checkinstall" which replaces the "make install" phase (sudo still required). This will make and install an RPM package which you may use elsewhere, or remove from your system with `rpm -e packagename>`.

Summarising ;

Look through the source for install instructions
install `checkinstall`
If there wre no errors and it works ok, then don't worry.  8-)


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