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Re: Catch 22 of M$ Bulk license ... was ... RE: [K12OSN] cost savings...

I didn't think the molp license was tied to the hardware.

Bert Rolston wrote:

Hi folks,

Here is something to think about.

You need a certain number of valid M$ licenses to qualify for their bulk
program (was OLP / MOLP / Select and various other names).

So what happens when you sell the hardware?

You need proof that you had the correct number of licenses initially.
Therefore the normal practice would be to hold onto the license / CoA.

But hold on! The license is linked to the hardware.

Does this mean that once the original licenses are passed on to another
party that the bulk license plan is invalid?

No proof of initial license quota, therefore how can the organisation
qualify for the bulk plan?


Endless loop.

Just my 2c worth


On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 11:03, Mike Oligney wrote:

Something I just became aware of.
Any donated PC (P1 or P2) is considered ny Microsoft to have a valid OS license. You have your choice of Win98SE or WIN2K. Also any PC of P3 or better with a valid Windows certification sticker on it is considered to have a valid OS license. I have a letter from m$ educational division stating this and you can find it on their website http://www.microsoft.com/education/
It is called their Fresh Start Program. My personal opinion from a long time IT guy, I think M$ is starting to feel the heat.
Lowell Schools


Microsoft volume licenses are only for computers that already have Windows
installed - i.e. - a valid copy of Windows.

So, in order to have a computer that participates in these volume
licensing programs, they must already have a legal copy of Windows on
them.  You can add that price onto the price of each new PC.

Second, it means you CANNOT take donation machines without fully verifying
that the licensing is done properly.  You have to get ALL of the
Licenses/Seals for any donated computer, or it doesn't take part of your
volume licensing.

They may have changed this, but read the license REALLY carefully.  If
they don't give you the full text of the license, don't even consider
doing anything with them.


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