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Re: [K12OSN] Using Samba for backups and other things

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 09:05, Daniel Loomis wrote:
> Eric,
> Actually, I already use samba to mount shares on all our office machines (My
> Documents usually) and then use rsync to back them up on a small Linux box I
> put together using a Mini-ITX board (i.e., a homemade SnapServer).  A cron
> job backs everyone up each night.  It works like a charm.  It logs all
> activities in /var/log/backups.  Naturally, all pcs have to be left on
> overnight.

    Let's think about turning that around a little...it'll allow you to
turn off the PC's so they can get reset every night and cause less
problems.  :)

    Make a share on the Linux server, and 'export' it.  At night it can
be backedup every night, allowing you to save the tapes of the backups
every night.

    The user's view would be an icon that, when they click on it will
take them to their own directory which will actually live there, not
locally. (This can also be used to keep viruses from wiping out the
whole thing...allowing harm only to the user's files...something to
think about.

> The only downside with the above is that it does not currently provide
> incremental backups.  That means if someone messes up a file it will be
> added  to the archive as-is.  The only way to prevent that is to turn the pc
> off in the evening.  I am not using any ssh tunnelling, so the process is
> less than 100% secure, but then our lan is behind a firewall.
> On a related samba note:
> On our k12ltsp server I managed to setup a cdserver using samba that works
> like a charm.  It mounts volumes using automount.  Now we no longer deal
> with scratched or damaged cdroms in our Sunday School Department! (We still
> buy copies for every pc just to be legal, but they are now sitting safely on
> our Christian Ed Director's bookshelf).  We can access them from windows pcs
> in the classrooms or thin clients in the library (using wine), but without
> sound on the thin clients.  If I could have gotten sound to work on thin
> clients, we would not have had to use windows pcs.  Sigh!

    Yeah, creating "CDs" on the server saves time, too. Good Man.

    Actually, you're better off with diskless clients...think about it:
you'll NEVER have to obsolete them. You'll never have to remove viruses
or referee an argument because someone's computer's too loud.

    And the only time you'll EVER have to replace it is when someone
takes a sledgehammer to it, or the roof falls in.  It's not a bad
trade-off: now you have machines to make DNS/Web/LDAP servers with.  :)

Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
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