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Re: [K12OSN] JavaVM using all CPU

Jack <jackpal cfl rr com> wrote:

My wife has found a game on Yahoo.com called "Bookworm."  She wants her
students to use it next year.  Since we have a similar LTSP setup at home I

can see that just with the 2 of us sharing our LTSP 31 server she is using
98% of the CPU.   This is with Java1.4.  Is there anyway for me to knock
down?  I can always tell when she is playing  because everything gets a bit

sluggish.  20 students playing at the same time just would not work.

This is one of those cases where the Java philosophy and the K12LTSP
philosophy are in conflict. The K12LTSP Way is to run the apps on the
central server, while the terminals are X servers which can "see" the
server's "screen".

The Java Way would download the Java code into each terminal and run it
there, either as an application or as an applet; that way, 20 users would
have 20 CPU's all working in parallel. Heck, have 500 users - they'll have
500 CPU's, so everything scales nicely.

It all comes down to your definition of a thin client. There's "so thin
that it runs nothing at all except the X server", and then there's "thin,
but with enough meat to run a web browser and Java applets or
applications". And then there's "thin, but able to boot a kernel and run
some apps off a shared NFS /usr". I'm still trying to find time to
experiment with K12LTSP, but I've worked quite a bit with IBM's Network
Station thin clients, and at times it can be hard to figure out just which
way it's working.

I'd be trying to figure out a way to make some use of the CPU's in the
terminals, by running the Java code there.


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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