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Re: [K12OSN] LDAP vs NIS

>     I'm not so sure that NIS isn't the right thing to do; LDAP has the
> added benefit of being able to let people use a company 'phone book',
> but I've found that most people (at least in medium sized companies)
> tend to have other ways of doing that, like a lookup on the internal
> website.

I believe I have a generic understanding of the benefits of LDAP. I just
don't think they're enough to do LDAP here. Our users are blown away by
what we have now and anything more would finish off their tiny little
minds. (I shouldn't have typed that but I can't make myself backspace.)
I've got another south Arkansas school testing the waters to get me to
work for them. I'd like to get NIS going but not implement anything else.
I simply don't think we're big enough to necessitate the implementation of
LDAP. In all actuality...we've implemented quite a lot more technology
than any other schools our size that I know of. My worry right now is
finding someone to come in behind me that won't be clueless to the world
and rip everything out and slap windows/novell in here (ha...won't happen.
I think I HAVE taught the administration better than THAT) Anyone in
Arkansas that wants a job? Linux is a must. You guys can look at my
threads and get a good feel for the responsibilities you'd have. Just take
care of my babies and they'll take care of you :(

Our TC here is clueless to the world of Linux. Well, he's seen the light
for sure but as far as diving in and doing anything with it himself it
just ain't happenin'. I AM making headway on showing him how to manage
user accounts and update the boxes among other everyday stuff. Most
everything else is automated. But you know how it goes......stuff happens.

WHOA...where'd my point go? Oh yes.....I'm gonna be looking at more of the
Technicalities with NIS. Any more help is appreciated.
Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
Network Administrator
Fordyce School District
Fordyce, AR 71742

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