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Re: [K12OSN] Audio capturing software

Audigy is a soundcard, Audacity is a very good OSS audio program,
http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  i've used it for about a year, it is
very good, and roughly similar to Cooledit.  it will work on about any
soundcard that will work in linux.  

depending on what you're trying to do, latency may rear it's ugly head. if
you're wanting to record a stereo pair for three minutes, you may be OK.
the nature of linux (as server platform) lessens it's usefulness for a
hardcore audio platform. fortunately, like most things with linux, you can
change all that... latency is when the CPU time gets robbed to do other
things, like check mail spools, serve web pages. you hear it as pops and
little dropouts. the 2.6 kernel will address many of the default latency
issues. in the meantime, disable services during audio recording. there's
info here about how to fix it..

another good/minmalist one is ecasound at http://eca.cx/ it can run at a
command line, or there are GUI front ends for it. it will help with
latency since itself is so lite. i've used it to record 6-hour chunks
nonstop with very good results. 

the ne plus ultra of this whole genre will be ardour. it is more like the
dedicated hard disk recording systems of Mackie or Tascam. it is geared
more towards the higher end sound cards (Midiman Delta and RME
Hammerfall), but should work with most anything that is modern enough to
have ALSA sound drivers. i've been using ardour for about 6 months. early
versions had been kind of rocky, but is advancing *very* fast and is
already very good. i'm using it with a 12 input/10 output Delta card, it
will record 24bit/96khz audio (CD is 16bit/44.1khz) 

i have a 16-channel mixer and two racks of effects, that i don't even
*need* anymore with this soundcard and ardour! i will rant to excess about
it if given half a chance, but if you are serious about multitrack
recording, you should investigate ardour. http://ardour.sourceforge.net/

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