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[K12OSN] OS X w/ Linux Servers and Home Directories

I'm wondering if someone here has some experience setting up OS X (10.2 to be exact) to authenticate to a linux hosted OpenLDAP system.

I've managed to get an OS X client to authenicate to the LDAP server just fine but for the life of me I can't get it to mount the NFS home directory from the server. I've set the export to allow insecure connections (apparently sometimes an issue with OS X) but everytime I login the OS X system doesn't attempt to mount the user's home directory. I have also manually connected to the export using the "Connect to..." dialogue and that has worked fine.

I would appreciate any input from anyone who has had success doing this and I would be more than happy to document the process on the wiki if someone figures it out.

Thanks for you help,
Luke Bowerman
Olympia School District

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