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Re: [K12OSN] rsync K12LTSP against RH9?

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, John Q Public wrote:

>I though that only the newest part of the iso would be downloaded, not 
>the whole thing.  I confirmed the MD5 fingerprints before starting, and 
>they matched.  What is happening?
>The third ISO is going at 970+kB/s!  Does that mean it is only 
>comparing and not transferring data?
>If anyone can be of some assistance to a newbie rsync'er, I'd be 

Rsync only retrieves the differences between the remote and local file.

If a particular set of bits are the same, it uses the local bits rather
than the remote bits.

If your hard drive is faster than your network connection (don't laugh,
I have several systems where the network is faster than the drive!), this
will result in the big speed-ups you are seeing. It also saves the bandwidth
of the site you are syncing to.

Rsync is rather impressive black magic ;-)


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