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Re: [K12OSN] Audio capturing software

Thanks for your input folks.

This actually answers some questions I have for future projects as well.

What I'm trying to do right now is record sound from an Olympus
Pearlcorder (meeting notes), so I can re-use the tapes ASAP.

I'll save these as MP3 files onto a CD for future reference.

The physical connection is fine, I just can't seem to get any of
software on my machine to record from the line-in.


On Tue, 2003-07-15 at 08:32, Scott D. Sanders wrote:
> Audigy is a soundcard, Audacity is a very good OSS audio program,
> http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  i've used it for about a year, it is
> very good, and roughly similar to Cooledit.  it will work on about any
> soundcard that will work in linux.  
> depending on what you're trying to do, latency may rear it's ugly head. if
> you're wanting to record a stereo pair for three minutes, you may be OK.
> the nature of linux (as server platform) lessens it's usefulness for a
> hardcore audio platform. fortunately, like most things with linux, you can
> change all that... latency is when the CPU time gets robbed to do other
> things, like check mail spools, serve web pages. you hear it as pops and
> little dropouts. the 2.6 kernel will address many of the default latency
> issues. in the meantime, disable services during audio recording. there's
> info here about how to fix it..
> http://www.djcj.org/LAU/guide/audio_quality_HOWTO.htm
> another good/minmalist one is ecasound at http://eca.cx/ it can run at a
> command line, or there are GUI front ends for it. it will help with
> latency since itself is so lite. i've used it to record 6-hour chunks
> nonstop with very good results. 
> the ne plus ultra of this whole genre will be ardour. it is more like the
> dedicated hard disk recording systems of Mackie or Tascam. it is geared
> more towards the higher end sound cards (Midiman Delta and RME
> Hammerfall), but should work with most anything that is modern enough to
> have ALSA sound drivers. i've been using ardour for about 6 months. early
> versions had been kind of rocky, but is advancing *very* fast and is
> already very good. i'm using it with a 12 input/10 output Delta card, it
> will record 24bit/96khz audio (CD is 16bit/44.1khz) 
> i have a 16-channel mixer and two racks of effects, that i don't even
> *need* anymore with this soundcard and ardour! i will rant to excess about
> it if given half a chance, but if you are serious about multitrack
> recording, you should investigate ardour. http://ardour.sourceforge.net/
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