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Re: [K12OSN] Audio capturing software

Not gui but i can boot up my sound server and find out

it uses the "sox" program to record down to wav. And if you have enough CPU 
you can encode realtime to mp3 using lame. You just pipe the output of sox 
straigh to lame.

In my case i dont have enough CPU. But i do have a 100mbit NIC. So i just ship 
the wav audio off to my athlon 1800 for processing.


On Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:56, Bert Rolston wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've had a look at the standard software included with Linux.
> Nothing really suitable, 'cause I can't specify the recording source.
> I want to capture audio to HDD from the audio input on my sound card and
> save as MP3.
> I had to search for suitable software to use in Window$.
> Does anyone know of a suitable program available for Linux?
> Thanks,
> Bert
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