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Re: [K12OSN] Where we at with LDAP/Samba?

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, James Jensen wrote:

<snip cost/benefit of trying samba 3.0>
>I guess a lot of us are in the same boat, but particularly the K-12 folks
>who might want to have LDAP ready to rock before the new school year, eh?

Yes indeed, the "summer crunch" is an interesting problem.

I have several life-and-death level projects that MUST be completed, but
should I find the spare time I will attempt to take a crack at moving
over the two dozen or so Samba servers my school districts use to v3.0.
All I have to do is make sure that it all works flawlessly, rewrite large
portions of our toolsets, migrate the historical data, and do it all without
disrupting the end users. And do all of the cut-overs at once...

Good thing it IS POSSIBLE to cram 48 hours into a single day ;-)

There are four scenarios:

1) All the clever tricks we have in mind will work perfectly and this will
   be trivial to accomplish. We will document & script the process to ease
   the pain of others. (large part of this is already done ;-)

2) We'll get it done and working well enough that no one will call for my
   head. We'll get out some documentation, but it will be inaccurate. The
   few scripts we come up with will be undocumented, buggy, and only fit our
   exact needs - they will be useless, if not dangerous, to everyone else.

3) We'll miss the summer drop-dead-date and have to wait for christmas or
   spring break to take a crack at this mess

4) We'll still be stuck on the life-and-death projects and not even get
   around to starting work on the samba 3.0 migration until next summer.

Being an optimist, I think #1 is the most likely. The realist in me is 
leaning towards #3 or #4. My evil twin is voting for #2 ;-)


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