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Re: [K12OSN] JavaVM using all CPU

Interesting statement they have there, about BW not working on Unix or Mac, as it worked just fine on my k12ltsp v3.0.1 box (RH8). I'm on a 1Ghz Pentium w/512MB RAM; top showed it consuming about 70% of the CPU and 10% of the memory, for the record.


Don Logsdon wrote:
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Subject: Re: [K12OSN] JavaVM using all CPU

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Jack wrote:

My wife has found a game on Yahoo.com called "Bookworm." She wants


students to use it next year. Since we have a similar LTSP setup at

home I

can see that just with the 2 of us sharing our LTSP 31 server she is


98% of the CPU. This is with Java1.4. Is there anyway for me to

knock this

down? I can always tell when she is playing because everything

gets a bit

sluggish. 20 students playing at the same time just would not work.

Our server is a 1.4 Athlon with 512mb DDR. Any suggestions?

Yahoo's site --
    "Note: Bookworm is not compatible with Unix or Macintosh computers."

Remember that  Micorosoft is either not willing or not able to implement
standards compliant  Java Virtual Machine  -- They use the embrace and
extend model --
The bookworm programmer probably used Microsoft Java ...


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