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Re: [K12OSN] Samba 3.0

bump :-)
Can someone reccomend anything?

Barry Smoke wrote:

so, I checked into this, and we've decided we want to implement 3.0 from scratch, and not use compat mode...

so we are using ldapsam

I have some theoretical questions for everyone...

the reason we chose to go to samba-ldap, is to have a single directory tree, where all users are stored, and our e-mail server, and samba can auth to,
so we have one database entry for every user in our district...
they can change their password in samba, and it also changes their e-mail password.

the idealix implementation worked great....I was able to change the smbldap-useradd.pl script to implement our qmail-ldap related fields,
and every user that was added(or modified) had their e-mail settings also.....

with what I can see with samba 3.0, everything has been combined into smbpasswd

so, where would I go to add my qmail ldap feilds.......the source for smbpasswd?
objectClass qmailUser
mail bsmoke bryantschools org

on our test server, I have used authconfig to set up my ldap information,
and then I restarted nscd,

I went to a terminal, and added a user
useradd joebob

and it was added to /etc/passwd, not into the ldap database....
to get that account to work with samba, I have to then do a smbpasswd -a joebob

then, I can log in.....

but, doesn't that negate the using one tool to add a user...

shouldn't I be albe to add a samba user with smbpasswd -a, and have ethat user able to log in from a shell, if the server is setup to auth via ldap?

Eric Harrison wrote:

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Tait Shrum wrote:

I've got a question about Samba 3.0... I've got it working, sort of... We have drives that are dependent upon our group membership (of course). My favorite drive is "tech." It should be our entire raid array (at least that's how it is supposed to work). When I look at the logs I see that it doesn't want me to connect to the tech share:

[2003/07/08 15:11:21.500179, 2, pid=29180, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(384)
user 'tshrum' (from session setup) not permitted to access this share (tech)

So, in an effort to understand what's going on, I decided I would try another share - fdrive. This share will give you stuff in a drive based upon group membership. Samba thinks I'm in our middle school group:

[2003/07/08 15:12:57.108371, 1, pid=29180, effective(1001, 1001), real(0, 0)] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(692)
d3kcxx11 ( connect to service fdrive initially as user tshrum (uid=1001, gid=1001) (pid 29180)

Now, my user id is 1002 and my group id should be 1007 or tech. Why does Samba think I'm in the bms or 1001 group?

All this said, has anyone experienced something like this? I'm using LDAP and Samba 3.0 Beta 2.
Any help would be appreciated!

We just brought our first Samba 3.0 box online and ran into a simular

First, are you using LDAP as the authentication backend? If that is the
case, are you using ldap_compat?

For ldap_compat, we ran into the problem that Samba 2.2 didn't really
care what the "rid" and "primarygroupid" entries were. Samba 3.0 does
care. Samba 3.0 uses the rid/primarygroupid to map backwards to the
unix uid/gid (if you used a random rid in samba 2.2, you'll end up with
a random uid in samba 3.0...)

The value of "rid" must be =  uidnumber * 2 + 1000
and "primarygroupid" must be = gidnumber * 2 + 1001

Rids/groups with the samba 3.0 ldap backend are completely different,
I believe the same is true with the new local backend as well.

here's a little script I wrote to great root & nobody group mappings:

       # get server's SID
       SID=`net getlocalsid | cut -d":" -f2`
       # create the root & nobody group mappings
       net groupmap add sid=${SID}-512 unixgroup=root type=domain
       net groupmap add sid=S-1-5-32-546 unixgroup=nobody

The documentation for this is at...



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