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Re: [K12OSN] Audio capturing software

Scott D. Sanders wrote:

the ne plus ultra of this whole genre will be ardour. it is more like the
dedicated hard disk recording systems of Mackie or Tascam. it is geared
more towards the higher end sound cards (Midiman Delta and RME
Hammerfall), but should work with most anything that is modern enough to
have ALSA sound drivers. i've been using ardour for about 6 months. early
versions had been kind of rocky, but is advancing *very* fast and is
already very good. i'm using it with a 12 input/10 output Delta card, it
will record 24bit/96khz audio (CD is 16bit/44.1khz) ...

I've been wanting to record in stereo, but I am curious about how the left and right
are kept in sync if using 2 different channels (line in or mic). I've been thinking about
sticking in 2 sound cards and giving it a try.

My other solution I'm waiting to implement is to purchase a Canopus ADVC-100
which goes to 1394 firewire, then I could begin doing video's as well.

Anyone have information regarding 2 sound cards and recording in stereo (1 ch from each card)
or from using "mic" and "line in" on just one card. I would want to prevent out of sync and keep the
sound levels just right.

Richard Black

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