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[K12OSN] jury-rigging routing table, re-addressing LTSP network?

Everything is working great, except the network I am joining also uses the address space.

Access to the campus network and the internet did not work. I believe this was because the routing table (seen with the route command) had each network on different interfaces. The default gateway on the campus network was set to, which conflicted with ws001 on the LTSP network. I found a work-around by removing both the entries from the routing table, adding a default route to the campus network at on eth1, and then adding the individual ltsp stations with the 'route add -host eth0' command. I also commented the ws001 entry in the /etc/hosts file.

The jury-rigging works well now. I just need to add workstations to the routing table manually, after they are assigned IPs from DHCP. For a long term solution, some options include writing a script for boot-time that adds and deletes the entries in the routing table (not very elegant) or re-addressing the LTSP network. As I understand it now, that would mean changing (1) the address ranges and (2) the server address for the DHCP/PXE parts of the boot, (3) changing the server address variable in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf , and (4) changing the addresses listed in /etc/hosts . Are there other places I need to change the network/workstation/server/gateway entries? If I change the address of the eth0 during the CD-installation, will it be placed in the other places?

Did I get all the places that (and 254) are specified? Is this the best solution, other than asking the campus network to renumber?

I'm sorry if this was too thorough or long-winded. I'm new to manipulating routing tables, and I talk a lot.

All the best,

John Q. Public

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