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Re: [K12OSN] Audio capturing software

hi richard,

we are staying pretty far off-topic for this list. any recent soundcard
(last five years, at least) will have stereo available from it's line in
jack. enabling both a mic and a line in may not work with some
cards/operating systems. this URL has some older info in it, but most of
it rings true still.


the easiest way to mix a line level signal and a microphone, would be to
get a cheap analog mixer (any kind). plug your line (mono or stereo) into
it, plug the mic into it (plug a lot of things into it). get all the
levels set correctly there, then jack it into your soundcard's stereo line
in.  record at will. 

please email me directly ssanders /AT\ coin d0t org for more off-topic
audio discussion, i hate to go off on tangents on a list like this.

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