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Re: [K12OSN] SSL + IE6

--- cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:
> I'm running squirrelmail. I setup SSL on my mail server (cause I got
> paranoid when I could sniff passwords and usernames). Everything works
> great...no more announcing passwords to the world. It wasn't too hard to
> tell everybody how to install the certificates in IE6 (its not a pay for
> deal...just the self signed certificate). I have this one user however (a
> bookeeper that writes my paychecks nonetheless) that can't login from
> squirrelmail now. She can on everyone elses machines and all the other
> machines work fine. When you go to the page and type in your username and
> password it sends you to the incorrect login page. I can't even login
> from
> this machine. I've checked everything. This is a win98 box. I gave it all
> the updates....including IE6 SP1 (had IE 5.5 but had the same problem).
> I've played with the security settings and removed and added certificates
> until I'm blue in the face. I played with the advanced section and made
> sure ssl was enabled. I restored IE default settings. Nothing works, SOS
> (Same old Sh*t). I liked it better when I was playing with servers all
> day
> :-) Does anyone have ANY clue as to what the problem is. I have been
> bangin my head for three days on this. I may end up re-imaging that thing
> but she's got a lot of crap on there I wasn't wanting to trudge through.
> -- 
> Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
> Network Administrator
> Fordyce School District
> Fordyce, AR 71742
> 870.352.2968
> http://redbugs.dsc.k12.ar.us

If you can't even log on from this box then check all the Win98 network
settings.  I know that sounds obvious but it would appear (from your
description) that the problem lies deeper then IE.  Can you even ping the
mail server from this box?

What about proxy server settings?  Do you have it disabled for intranet

Ah, so many variables, so little detail... <grin>

You'll get it, and then you'll kick yourself...

James Jensen

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