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Re: [K12OSN] OS X w/ Linux Servers and Home Directories

You need the share to be automounted. Set this up in the ldap directory.
Then it will show up under Network/Servers/ServerName/Sharename

This took me a longtime to figure out... So add this to you ldap directory
but make the changes for your installation ;)

cn: tbserver.newberg.k12.or.us:/data/students
objectClass: mount
mountDirectory: /Network/Servers
mountDumpFrequency: 1
mountPassNo: 1
mountType: nfs
mountOption: net

(watch the email wrapping on that)

Make sure you can auth against the ldap server on the client machine.. This
tells you its talking to the ldap server with no problem.

Then you need to shut the client down (not a restart) and then start it up.
Once booted it should be listed under Network/Servers/

Check out www.macosxlabs.org for some somewhat useful information.

Good Luck 

On 7/14/03 6:47 PM, "Luke Bowerman" <luke newmediaarts org> wrote:

> I'm wondering if someone here has some experience setting up OS X (10.2
> to be exact) to authenticate to a linux hosted OpenLDAP system.
> I've managed to get an OS X client to authenicate to the LDAP server
> just fine but for the life of me I can't get it to mount the NFS home
> directory from the server. I've set the export to allow insecure
> connections (apparently sometimes an issue with OS X) but everytime I
> login the OS X system doesn't attempt to mount the user's home
> directory. I have also manually connected to the export using the
> "Connect to..." dialogue and that has worked fine.
> I would appreciate any input from anyone who has had success doing this
> and I would be more than happy to document the process on the wiki if
> someone figures it out.
> Thanks for you help,
> Luke Bowerman
> Olympia School District
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