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[K12OSN] GDM Auo-relogin specific user to term SOLVED!

Folks -

I hope that this is not old news - it sure is new to me! I was trying to get GDM to auto re-login a specific user to a specific terminal, like user ws001 always will relogin itself to terminal ws001, user ws002 to term ws002, etc.

I almost gave up on my quest and was trying to get mozilla to use a terminal-specific profile so that I could log all the terminals to "public", but when you crash one term, all of them re-start. Not good for a bank of public library users! Or anybody, for that matter.

I finally found a way to do it, described by Malcolm Silberman On Tue, 2003-02-11 from the Ltsp-discuss list. Malcolm must be a genius. Here is what he wrote:

--- gdm-conf ---

-- end ---

--- autologin.sh ---
HOSTNAME=`echo ${DISPLAY} | cut -f1 -d: | awk -F . {' print $1 '}`
exit 0
--- end ---

You need to make sure that there are corresponding users and entries in dhcpd.conf for every terminal -

   host ws001 {
       hardware ethernet     00:04:23:26:2C:5A;
   host ws002 {
       hardware ethernet     00:04:23:26:2C:5A;

And users named ws001, ws002, etc.

This works slick! Thanks again, Malcolm!

Mark Ehle
Computer Support Librarian
Willard Public Library
Battle Creek, MI

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