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Re: [K12OSN] gtkam & gphoto

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 09:10:36AM -0500, Tim Litwiller wrote:
> what kind of setting changes are required? or if that is just the way it 
> is - is there a way to setup an icon that asks for the root password and 
> then runs gtkam as root to get the pictures?

On some Linux distros (Debian, for example), groups are used to keep track of who
gets permission to what devices.

For example, in setting up my wife's new laptop, I put Debian Woody (aka 3.0, aka current 'stable')
on it, but when we started playing around, we discovered she couldn't access the CDROM drive or
play MP3s or any other kinds of sounds.

The solution was simple: add her to the "disc" group and the "audio" group.  Voila... she now has
access to these devices!

What you probably want to do on the RedHat system is either:

  1. Simply set the permissions 'wide-open' on the serial port in question:

     # chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0


  2. Do it the nifty Debian-way, by creating a "serial" group (to provide _certain_ users access to
     the serial port), and then do:

     # chown root.serial /dev/ttyS0     (or just:   chgrp serial /dev/ttyS0 )
     # chmod 660 /dev/ttyS0

     ... to set ownership and permissions so that people in this group can access the device.

     Finally, add the users you want to the group in /etc/group:


Hope that helps!

Good luck!


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