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Re: [K12OSN] Bang For The Buck

Hi Ken,

Well done! I applaud your enthusiasm.

I assume you will be paying for the upgrade yourself.

So with that in mind - MORE RAM, max the server out if you can afford
it! Julius explained why. I've seen 40+ terminals running very nicely on
a dual PIII 850 with 3.5 GB RAM and good SCSI drives on 10 Mbps TP, pity
the WIN98 proxy server started to fail (but that's a different story).

More comments below...

> Here is my question: With a REALLY limited budget, what are my best options 
> for supporting 10 Workstations?
> Should I build another server similar to the first and run the 4 new 
> workstations?

Not at this stage. Do the RAM thing and save up the dollars needed to
get a monster server at the next upgrade.
> If so, how do I make them operate together so that any of the students can 
> log in from any workstation and their work is saved to the same hard drive? 
> (Be specific here  I just started with Linux last summer.)

> The additional workstations will come from friends and parents donations.
> Our primary applications are Open Office and Mozilla.
> How can I get the most bang for my limited buck?

Use IceWM as your windows manager.

Have fun!


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