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Re: [K12OSN] SSL + IE6

--- cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:
> > If you can't even log on from this box then check all the Win98 network
> > settings.  I know that sounds obvious but it would appear (from your
> > description) that the problem lies deeper then IE.  Can you even ping
> the
> > mail server from this box?
> Yes we can login to the network. Everything works fine....just the
> web-based mail won't work. She's not going through a proxy either.


Lost a little context here.  I thought that you said she couldn't log in,
but that's irrelevant as you've clarified the point.  Is she the only IE
user that is having this problem? (context again, you probably answered
that previously, short memory.)

Have you tried using the W*n version of Mozilla on her box with the
webmail.  I have a webmail account that will not work with IE but plays
quite nicely with Mozilla in Win or Lin...

James Jensen

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