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Re: [K12OSN] SSL + IE6

> Is she the only IE
> user that is having this problem? (context again, you probably answered
> that previously, short memory.)

Yes. Just her. No one can login to their webmail from her computer.

> Have you tried using the W*n version of Mozilla on her box with the
> webmail.

No.....but I may try that before blasting her box just to make sure its
IE. I don't know of anything else it could be. *sigh* I remember when you
used to could uninstall Internet explorer and reinstall it (I have a hack
that still let's you do that.....somewhere). :-) I tell you one thing
though.....if I find a way to automate mozilla browser updates then we'll
be putting mozilla on more and more machines. We already had to switch to
Mozilla in an entire lab because of some screwy things IE was doing with
our online curriculum. I'm telling you guys....more and more of the
curriculum we get into here is web-based......and compatible with linux.
Some even work better in Mozilla that IE. I've got the servers.....now I'm
looking at linux on the desktops. It'll happen eventually.....it'll just
take some time and just a little more evolution.

Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
Network Administrator
Fordyce School District
Fordyce, AR 71742

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