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Re: [K12OSN] Windows 2000 Server to Linux Migration

 > Perhaps some of you may be of assistance. I am trying to find a decent
> resource for a partial migration from Windows2000 Server to more
> open-source platforms and programs.
> There are a number of reasons for our switch, the primary one being the
> ridiculous licensing fees for many things.

Samba baby YEAH! Just grab those redhat 9 cd's and do the "windows file
server" install. Go ahead and throw in the cups packages as well so you
can have the best print server in the world. I'm glad to hear you're
wanting to play with samba (windows file server running from linux). I'm
not going to try to talk you into migrating completely over....because I
won't have to. Once you get a server going you'll be hooked. Here's a link
you may find useful:


Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
Network Administrator
Fordyce School District
Fordyce, AR 71742

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