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Re: [K12OSN] Windows 2000 Server to Linux Migration

Just some book opinions that may or may not be relevant to you:

Red Hat: I've been looking for a good RH-specific book for years and have yet to find one. What I want is a book that covers, for example, Red Hat 8, particularly the tools, graphical or otherwise, that version 8 provides. Unfortunately, most books on RH are so generic that they only cover stuff that would be relevant to any Linux distro, without giving me anything on the particular strengths of RH8. I believe Sybex has a book out for RH9; I think I glanced at it in the store, but don't recall being amazed, so it may be no better than the others.

Apache: Amazingly, I don't own an Apache book. I've always been able to figure out my problems using the docs at apache.org.

Sendmail: I own the O'Reilly book, and while it's comprehensive, sendmail is so flexible, it's rather overwhelming. I don't know if there are any other books on it.

MySQL: Get the O'Reilly book.

PHP4: (This is the real reason I started this message). I started digging into PHP a few months ago. In looking for a book on it, I narrowed it down to the O'Reilly and Wrox's "Beginning PHP", finally settling on the Wrox book. But now I'm wishing I'd gotten the O'Reilly. The Wrox book is really good for absolute beginners, and the reason I grabbed it is that it had a section that addressed the problem I had at hand at the moment. However, I've been doing Perl for some years, to which PHP is similar, and have found that the Wrox book moves too slowly, too incrementally for my taste, and am trying to figure out how to get my employer to pay for the O'Reilly book. The Wrox book is good, it's just at a different pace than I need right now. So, depending on your background, the Wrox may be better. Or not.

Samba: You didn't specifically mention this, but I'll throw out my opinion anyway. The O'Reilly book is good (and the contents of it are available online I believe), but over the years I've found the "Samba Unleashed" (by Sams?) to be a better resource when I'm trying to fix something.

Again, these are just my experiences. Everyone is different, so these opinions may not be relevant to you.

BTW, check into Webmin, which allows you to configure the Linux box using a web browser. It may make the transition easier if you're used to doing everything from a graphical tool.


Santiago, Nicholas wrote:
Dear colleagues,
Perhaps some of you may be of assistance. I am trying to find a decent
resource for a partial migration from Windows2000 Server to more
open-source platforms and programs.
There are a number of reasons for our switch, the primary one being the
ridiculous licensing fees for many things. I only say a partial
migration because at this point I am extremely comfortable with
Windows2000 Server, and plan to keep the Exchange Server 2000 in place,
as the entire staff is comfortable with Outlook and the groupware as-is.
My main plans are to utilize Red Hat 9, Apache, Sendmail (for tech staff
only), MySQL, and PHP4. Can anyone think of any good true beginner
resources, or resources for a switch from WindowsNT/2000 or Novell to
Thanks in advance for your help!
Nicholas Santiago
Coordinator of Network and Communications Technologies
Holy Infancy School • 127 E. 4th St. • Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 868-2621 • santiagon holyi org <mailto:santiagon holyi org> •

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