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[K12OSN] Multiplayer games possible?

Being a student administrator for an LTSP lab gives me the opportunity to see both sides of game play. I do enjoy randomly killing mindless games that are extremely fun (such as xkobo). There are always random yellings after i do this, and then the teacher looks around and they quickly get to work. On the other side, I've set up these mindless games. I have set up prboom(doom clone) to work, and it's very simple. Just set the game up as usual(any game), and host it. When a user wants to connect to the game, just put the 'localhost' for the ip, this will work for all the terminals. There are no real tricks to it, it's worked quite well. Have a nice (fun) day.

PS: I do not know about 3d accelerated games...my guess is if you give the client the right 3d modules for their graphics card, it should work. Considering most of us are working with cheap clients though, they probably don't have agp graphics cards.)

Nicholas Wheeler [insert interesting stuff here] Yorktown Highschool

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