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Re: [K12OSN] no acceptable cc found in $PATH

Jim, et al -

 > Sounds like you didn't install the compiler (gcc) when you installed K12LTSP.  
> Install again as an upgrade and select the packages to install.  Install the 
> developer packages. 

 Ok, went this route; apt-get got some things, apparantly wasn't enough. Seems 
doing it with reboot on CD re-installed all the LSTP stuff as well, but it did 
work. Thank you.
 Now, having done this, (gosh, being a newbie is horribly slow!) I extracted the 
file to /opt and that went well. In the install info, 

 "... Using Metermaid:
You'll need to add a few lines to your Session script for whichever session 
manager you use for your LTSP setup.  An example session script for GDBM would 
# Session script for QVWM ..."

 Ok, what is this critter, "Session script" and where does it live? Did a file 
search for Session script, Session, and session, NG.     ???

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