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Re: [K12OSN] Local Printers


> I am trying to setup local printer support on my
> clients. Our server is in the computer lab and the
> teachers have client boxes. I want to connect a
> printer and scanner to the teacher's box so there will
> be at least one printer and scanner in every
> classroom. 

Here's a possible I did in my test lab (newbie, learning)
 Used an old P133 / 24 ram, headless. Have an HP 933c working just fine, from 
any terminal on the ltsp lan.
 From the desktop (running a nearly default install of k12ltsp) logged in as 
root account , system settings --> printing.
 box should appear, 'printer configuration - ltsp'
 Click on NEW icon
 "Add new Printer Que" appears
 Forward button, give it a name ie, HP722, and a descript if you like
 Select a que type --> Networked Jet Direct
  (IP here, such as
  (Leave default 9100 in)
 When you see 'Generic' Click that bar ... Select NEC or whatever from 
 the list ... P2X or whatever ... next thing you see is 
 "About to create the following printer que"
Click Apply, and test 'er out.

 <Much Kudos to the list folk |hi *julius*| who helped me get this bugger 

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