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Re: [K12OSN] dhcpd server option

Look for a line in dhcpd.conf that looks like this:

option root-path              "";

You can change that ip # to point to a different server.

;-) Paul

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 13:49, Doug Simpson wrote:
> Where do you set the LTSP server ip number in the dhcpd.conf file?
> I am running dhcpd on an existing server and want to make it serve ip's to 
> terminals on an LTSP server. The LTSP server's ip address is 
> but then I boot the workstation, the screen says the server is
> Where can I change this to make it so it will get the kernel 
> from the LTSP server?
> I think I can get the rest of this working but I need to be able to se 
> this.
> The server that DHCP is running on has an IP of so that may be 
> where it is getting it. But how do I tell dhcpd to tell the workstation 
> that the LTSP server is at
> Have I totally confused you yet?
> Thanks
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