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[K12OSN] development/test package repository

I have a number of updated K12LTSP 3.1.x packages that are ready to be
tested. Since my schedule has been so dismal the last couple of weeks,
I have not had the chance to test them much myself. 

I'm going to try out dumping my latest-n-greatest (and maybe buggiest)
packages on the FTP server as soon as I build them.

As with any development packages, please use caution. These are largely
untested and are likely buggy.

As of this moment, the development repository includes the ltsp kernel
version 3.0-10 (kernel version 2.4.21) and a ltsp kernel version with
the Linux Progress Patch gui boot code. The latest versions of mindi, 
mondo, and yum. There are also rebuilds of apt & synaptic that avoid
causing problems for the Red Hat Network.

If you want to download the devel packages by hand, you can find them


If you want to use yum or apt to keep in sync with my devel packages,
you can add the following lines to the appropriate config file:


	name=K12TLSP Development


	rpm ftp://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/apt devel devel


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