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Re: [K12OSN] 2 Questions

Re question #1: Can you ping the address of your router? If not, check your cables, check your routing ('man route'), check your ethernet interfaces ('man ifconfig'). I suspect that once you get that part working, the second part, using a browser to get to cnn.com, etc. will also start working (unless you don't have your ISP's DNS servers set in /etc/resolv.conf, but cross that bridge when you come to it).

Re question #2: You can set the default desktop by editing /etc/sysconfig/desktop, and changing the DESKTOP= setting to ICEWM--I think: normally, the choices are KDE or GNOME, so I'm guessing at the value needed to change it to IceWM.



Ken Johnson wrote:
I am still a newbie, but my experience is growing.

I just installed K12LTSP 3.1.1 (a fresh install). I can't reach the internet. I used to have the

earlier version and got right to the Internet with basically the same hardware configuration (a

cable modem and a router) I just added a CD Burner.

When I enter an IP address, the error message is "the connection was refused when attempting to

connect to xx.xxx.xx.xxx".

If I enter something like "http://www.cnn.com"; the error message is "www.cnn.com could not be

found. Please check the name and try again"

What do I need to do to get Internet access?

Also, I need to run IceWM as the default because the server is "less than robust." How do I do

this? (remember I'm a newbie)


Ken Johnson

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