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Re: [K12OSN] Windows 2000 Server to Linux Migration

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Petre Scheie wrote:

> Just some book opinions that may or may not be relevant to you:
> Red Hat: I've been looking for a good RH-specific book for years and 
> have yet to find one.  What I want is a book that covers, for example, 

I've been looking for a mid level book,  there seem to be books for
newbies, and there are a lot of books for the guru's but what about the
person in between ???  got a good system up and running and able to use it
with few problems, but if I want to tweek it or trouble shoot I can read
something that I understand but doesn't go anywhere as far as I need, or a
book so over my head that I don't even understand the language...


> Red Hat 8, particularly the tools, graphical or otherwise, that version 
> 8 provides.  Unfortunately, most books on RH are so generic that they 
> only cover stuff that would be relevant to any Linux distro, without 
> giving me anything on the particular strengths of RH8.  I believe Sybex 
> has a book out for RH9; I think I glanced at it in the store, but don't 
> recall being amazed, so it may be no better than the others.
> Apache:  Amazingly, I don't own an Apache book.  I've always been able 
> to figure out my problems using the docs at apache.org.
> Sendmail: I own the O'Reilly book, and while it's comprehensive, 
> sendmail is so flexible, it's rather overwhelming.  I don't know if 
> there are any other books on it.
> MySQL: Get the O'Reilly book.
> PHP4: (This is the real reason I started this message).  I started 
> digging into PHP a few months ago.  In looking for a book on it, I 
> narrowed it down to the O'Reilly and Wrox's "Beginning PHP", finally 
> settling on the Wrox book.  But now I'm wishing I'd gotten the O'Reilly. 
>   The Wrox book is really good for absolute beginners, and the reason I 
> grabbed it is that it had a section that addressed the problem I had at 
> hand at the moment.  However, I've been doing Perl for some years, to 
> which PHP is similar, and have found that the Wrox book moves too 
> slowly, too incrementally for my taste, and am trying to figure out how 
> to get my employer to pay for the O'Reilly book.  The Wrox book is good, 
> it's just at a different pace than I need right now.  So, depending on 
> your background, the Wrox may be better.  Or not.
> Samba: You didn't specifically mention this, but I'll throw out my 
> opinion anyway.  The O'Reilly book is good (and the contents of it are 
> available online I believe), but over the years I've found the "Samba 
> Unleashed" (by Sams?) to be a better resource when I'm trying to fix 
> something.
> Again, these are just my experiences.  Everyone is different, so these 
> opinions may not be relevant to you.
> BTW, check into Webmin, which allows you to configure the Linux box 
> using a web browser.  It may make the transition easier if you're used 
> to doing everything from a graphical tool.
> Petre
> Santiago, Nicholas wrote:
> > Dear colleagues,
> >  
> > Perhaps some of you may be of assistance. I am trying to find a decent
> > resource for a partial migration from Windows2000 Server to more
> > open-source platforms and programs.
> >  
> > There are a number of reasons for our switch, the primary one being the
> > ridiculous licensing fees for many things. I only say a partial
> > migration because at this point I am extremely comfortable with
> > Windows2000 Server, and plan to keep the Exchange Server 2000 in place,
> > as the entire staff is comfortable with Outlook and the groupware as-is.
> >  
> > My main plans are to utilize Red Hat 9, Apache, Sendmail (for tech staff
> > only), MySQL, and PHP4. Can anyone think of any good true beginner
> > resources, or resources for a switch from WindowsNT/2000 or Novell to
> > Linux?
> >  
> > Thanks in advance for your help!
> >  
> > Nick
> > --
> > Nicholas Santiago
> > Coordinator of Network and Communications Technologies
> > Holy Infancy School • 127 E. 4th St. • Bethlehem, PA 18015
> > (610) 868-2621 • santiagon holyi org <mailto:santiagon holyi org>  •
> > http://nick.holyi.org/
> >  
> > 
> > 
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